Key task:
SmoRodina is a brand of natural cosmetics from the beautiful but cold Siberia. We created a series of videos for them.
In the video we wanted to communicate the eco-friendliness of SmoRodina and to tell a story.
The SmoRodina brand
The main message of the brand is that cosmetics are not to conceal your flaws but to stress out your best parts. Cosmetics just helps you be yourself.
In that case, brands guidelines - gentle pastel colors and soft light
In each video we delivered key selling points such as natural ingredients, safety of environment and the lifestyle of our audience.
Creating this series of videos we wanted to get attention of the audience who share the same ideas as the brand.
And to showcase a product in detail we used metaphors and visual images.
Eco - friendliness. Using eco-friendly packages we help the planet. And in the video we show it by growing a forest.

Another example. SmoRodina’s cosmetics have natural ingredients, thus in the video the jar of serum explodes releasing leaves​​​​​​​.
Naturality and eco-friendliness permeate the whole series of videos.
For example, SmoRodina insists on using solid shower gel to reduce amount of packaging.
And in the end. This series of videos for SmoRodina ends near the fountain showing the brand’s logo.
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