Monochrome Lego

Key task:
The key task of this project was to remember all the best launches and events of the brand for the year 2022 and to sum up the results.
International clothing brand Monochrome
We took the customer's idea as the basis and showed all the iconic collections' characters in the form of lego-humans. Bright colors and dynamic animation allowed us to breathe life into the characters.
The reel turned out to be very colorful, as it is full of events and launches of Monochrome for the whole year - from the PANTONE collaboration to the opening of a new store in St. Petersburg.
The viewer instantly gets a sense of how quickly and successfully the brand develops.
Nevertheless, the video does not look disjointed thanks to its minimalistic style and focus on the characters. Each piece of clothing on the lego-humans is hand-drawn by the artist and exactly replicates the design of the original pieces. Some of the characters are similar in design to famous people who have participated in collaborations with the brand.
Bahman media works hard to convey the philosophy and character of its customers as accurately and authentically as possible in the videos. We build long-lasting relationships with clients and Monochrome is one of them.
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