Key task:
How to engage your audience and launch your brand’s new collection successfully?
Upcycling collection launch of The Monochrome brand​​​​​​​.
Eco. The target audience of the Monochrome brand cares about environment

To touch their heart, we carefully implemented eco associated things in video
– location was created with thoughts of freedom and nature integrity
– When the person walks by, everything blooms​​​​​​​
A bit about collection

Upcycling is very similar to recycling. There is a difference though, upcycled products are often more valuable and fashionable than the original ones.
It happened so, The Monochrome had kilometers of unused fabric left in the warehouse.

That much fabric can be used to create a new collection that consists only of unique items.

So The Monochrome started working on a collection while we got our hands full thinking of a way to gain the audience's attention. And of course, we wanted to do it gloriously.. And with the good old new 3D videos​​​​​​​
Step 1. Creating a mood board

Mood Board is an important thing when you are a team of talented 3D designers. And when you try to get as much target audience Reach as possible.

The main messages we and The Monochrome wanted to communicate were:
– Every item, every garment is unique.
– Everything in the collection was made with care and thought of the environment

Surrealism! It’s the first thing we thought of. (Well, actually 331st thing we thought of)

It’s the best way to show uniqueness. From a marketing point of view, it clearly conveys that every garment is unique. Just like the pictures of famous Salvador Dalí​​​​​​​
Surrealism = unique garments

We’ll talk about how we conveyed second message about environment a bit further​​​​​​​

Step 2. Communicating the right messages to people

With video you can spark the audience and deliver the right messages. And thus make them desire your product

This particular collection is not for “normies” сonfined by fashion borders

We do not show a garment using a perfectly shaped model as everyone usually does. No, the sweater is on a regular person with regular shapes. And a non-model walk

This shot delivers the message: “ The best shapes are the ones you have”
Exceptionalness. The Monochrome audience saw mass market prints like 1000 times. We used patches with different prints. And as the video goes, they change their appearance.

It is to once again deliver the message: “Every garment here is unique.You won’t find the same sweater twice.”
Step 3. Marketing and sales

Our job is to help brands deliver the right messages the right way
If your audience sees that your values align with theirs, they will vote for you.. with their money

Does your brand want to display all the product qualities for your target audience?
We can help you do it with 3D video.
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