Key task:
In this project, we used the Naked Eye technology to create a 3D video to fully immerse the viewer in the ad.
For this purpose we created a storyboard based on the following plot: our character, Chicken Couch, works in the office and goes about her daily business. The interior elements visually represent the branding of the company "Petelinka", as well as emphasize the important aspects of product production - high quality standards.
The character model itself was recreated from the image used in the brand's previous advertising campaigns.
According to the plot the clock on the wall "comes to life, marking the end of the working day.
The office environment begins to change into the nature, the office furniture and equipment give way to the attributes of a picnic and summer holidays. Chicken Couch moves into a lounger and relaxes after a working day. Elements of the scene fly toward the viewer, enhancing the immersive effect.
In the process of creating the clip, we worked out the character's emotions in detail to enhance the expressiveness.
At the end of the screen appears a large three-dimensional logo "Petelinka", completing the overall composition.
The reel turned out to be bright and dynamic, attracting the attention of viewers and reflecting the values of the brand's clients.
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