Sela 3D Animation

Key task:
Sela brand approached us to develop two commercials for the New Year advertising campaign.
Sela is a brand for mothers and children.
The brand has a charming mascot - green monster Wigge, who looks like a teddy bear with a child's bright character, moving gestures and active facial expressions.
When creating the first video, we introduced a new character, the snowbird which Wigge will play with.
The interaction with the additional character allowed our mascot to reveal more of his personality and add dynamism to the video.
The plot of the video is that the bird steals one of the toys with which Wigge decorates the Christmas tree.
The mascot is very cute and clumsy trying to catch up with the snowbird.
This scene evokes sympathy from potential customers and reflects everyone's favorite pre-New Year's hustle and bustle.
The plot of the second video reflects the inquisitiveness and activity of the character.
Also, with the help of the image of falling fabric and falling gifts, we achieved the illusion of a three-dimensional screen.
The character was depicted in 2D, so our team created his 3D model and prepared it for animation.
The main task was not to lose the charm of the mascot during modeling. In the process, his model underwent many changes until we came up with the final version.
We were able to create dynamic and bright videos that convey the spirit of the New Year and reflect the character of the brand mascot.
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