Key task:
They've contacted us to create a recurring ad for the Invasion Universe game lounge.
The ad is played across three combined screens, so there are black inserts in the original video to accommodate for this.
BetBoom is an eSports betting company.
Our client provided us with general guidelines for their desired visual style and gave us full creative freedom with the idea.

We decided to create a simple character with bright emotions, so there could be a clear link between all the different scenes of the video.
After some exploration we landed on a very simple design — a robot shaped like a sphere, with a big screen for a face.
The robot's face expressions and emotions needed to be very simple and readable for such a minimalistic design, so we decided to go with anime-style emojis.​​​​​​​
The plot is centered around a robot travelling through various betting-themed locations, which included gaming and sport equipment.
This design sparked the idea to depict the robot as a ball in some scenes to create some sport-themed visual images.
As a result, the robot turned out a fun, childish and a little bit cheeky character.
We also made sure that the world reacts to the character, or interacts with them to create a more immersive story.
Every road has it's final destination and for this video it's also very true.
Our robot goes through the interdimensional space tunnel and finds himself in a gold room filled with casino chips, which they certainly are happy about.
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